Visitor Guidelines

We ask that all visitors respect the Rules of Golf and normal golfing etiquette. Please will society organisers make sure that their group are aware of the following:

Trolleys & Buggies

* Trolleys and buggies should be kept to paths where possible, please do not take trolleys inside the white lines in front of the greens.

* When driving buggies, please avoid the fringes and greens and drive outside the greenside bunkers.
* There may be temporary course instructions in force (e.g. winter wheels, paths or tees closed) please respect them.
Buggy restrictions – due to weather conditions buggies may not be permitted from time to time to preserve the course and uphold health and safety. Exceptions may be made for medical reasons provided a medical certificate, or equivalent, is produced either at the office or the pro shop. The Dyke Golf Club implement three severities on use of medical buggies. Course Severity (1) allows golfers with a medical exemption to play holes 10 & 9 ONLY Course Severity (2) allows golfers with a medical exemption to play holes 10, 11, 7, 8 & 9 ONLY. Course Severity (3) allows golfers with medical exemption to play the whole course apart from 5th hole and they must tee off the 6th hole from the Blue tee.

Legal Documentation for Buggies:

The Course

* The use of mobile phones is not permitted on the course or in the clubhouse unless there is an emergency.
* Play is from YELLOW tees only for men, RED tees for ladies.
* All divots should be replaced, pitch marks repaired, bunkers raked and rakes left IN bunkers please.
* Practice is only permitted on the practice ground, chipping and putting green.
* Priority MUST be given to Greens Staff working on the course.
* Insurance – all players are covered for 3rd party risk, personal insurance is not covered.

The Clubhouse

* The clubhouse is open daily from 7.30am, breakfast is available by prior arrangement.
* Clubhouse closing times do vary so please check.

Dress Code

* Normal golf attire must be worn.
* Men - collared shirts tucked in, tailored shorts, short sports socks only.
* No denims, cargo pants or football/rugby tops please.
* Ladies - no sun tops, leggings or denims please, tailored shorts.
* Smart causal dress for the clubhouse, smart jeans may be worn at the weekend.
* No golf shoes in the lounge bar and restaurant areas please, golf shoes may be worn in the 19th Spike Bar, access from the course only.
* Soft spikes are NOT recommended from November to March for safety reasons.